MAYRI" curative pedagogy and social therapy center announce the admissions for the upcoming two/three year course.
The title of the course is 

The holistic view on human beings as a guarantee of the fulfillment of a social profession

  We aim to train specialists who will be able to both carry out guidance and individual diagnostics of children with disabilities and guidance of these children at inclusive schools. Additional year will be for those who are interested in the profession of social therapy.
These courses will help participants develop self-awareness and self-expression skills.
We are deeply convinced that only the person who is able to recognize and change him/herself, that is, only a developing person can ever support the development of another person.
The course involves two meetings a week (3.5-4 hours), as well as a series of more frequent meetings during the holidays when the foreign partners visit.
Upon completion, the participants will receive a mutual Mayri NGO and German Kassel TOT circle certificate. Applications are accepted until September 30. The course will start on October 15 of this year.
The detailed program of the course is attached.