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Every person should be valued and respected as individual

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Mayri NGO

We believe that:

It is possible to create conditions, in which the person with special needs will be able to express his individuality by overcoming the development obstacles.

The merger of inclusive education and individual approach contributes more to the child development, than their individual application.


We are committed to:


Providing professional educational support and training for specialists in the field of curative pedagogic and integrative education in Armenia.


Supporting the implementation of integrative education, to ensure that each child, including disabled and socially vulnerable, has access to a quality and holistic schooling.


Creating a center of social integration for children and young people with special needs, which will gather the pedagogues, parents and same age children around them.


Raising community awareness, support and concern for children and young people with special needs and the integrative education.

We invite all interested parties for co-operation!