Who We Are

Mayri is a cultural center, which is envisaged for the social integration of young people and children with special needs.

First of all the center provides daily four-hour work in the workshops for those persons, who have already graduated from school. Besides, developing trainings are organized for those children with special needs, who are not included in the secondary school classes.

We have the following workshops in the center: woodworking, pottery, arts and crafts, cooking activities and candle making. Besides, if needed, therapeutic activities, as well as music (song/musical instruments training), dance, theater and other training course are also organized.

Mayri is not a closed institution; it is located in a densely populated place and is open for all the children of the neighborhood. We implement cultural open projects and various specialists can try their potential here with persons with problems and without.

By implementing all these we hope that in the future we will further expand our boundaries. Our objective is not to entertain people with special needs, but to create opportunities for the development of their personal capacities, as well as through the course of time to finally change the public opinion about the people with special needs and call upon for them to respect and pay attention to their needs.

We believe that:

Every person should be valued and respected as individual.

There are no inextricable situations, as the efforts will sooner or later yield results, sometimes, even, unexpected and surprising. 

It is possible to create conditions, in which the person with special needs will be able to express his individuality by overcoming the development obstacles.

The merger of inclusive education and individual approach contributes more to the child development, than their individual application.

The integration of children with special needs is important not only for them, but also for the society in general. It develops the requirement of mutual love, respect and tolerance in us.