The activities of MAYRI NGO are streamed in five main directions:

Integrative education

We worked out and developed effective ways and methods of integrative education.

Curative pedagogic

We have individual classes and developing programs with the children that are not integrated into school educational process.

Social Integration Center

We are prepared to give the youth with special needs professional skills which will enable them to create and find their proper place in the society.

Professional education and training of specialists in curative pedagogic

We permanently work on improving the professional level of our staff through providing opportunities of participation in highly professional trainings and seminars, which are open for all interested pedagogues, physicians or other people.

Work with parents

The group also has a wide practice of communication with the parents, shares the results of diagnostics with them, gives advice and co-works with them in general. There is already a big group of parents around MAYRI NGO, ready to support its initiatives and actively participate in them.

We invite all interested parties for co-operation!